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PostSubject: SET2RISE   SET2RISE EmptyMon May 25, 2009 1:57 am



With the ACU entering 3 teams at this years Set2Rise, it was sure to be a good one for all who took part. The Team event was hotly contested from the off, with Adam Morris getting the whole shot on the start for the 'A' team, setting off fast and furious, this was to be the tail to tell for the next 12 Hours.

The racing snakes set off at a furious pace as the Mad Soloists were taking it easy at the back, apart from Charge Bikes, who charged from the off. All eyes where on the Army and Mulebar in the Team event, with both putting in strong teams to try and take the glory.

Lap 1 set the scene for a nail biting tactic changing event through the night, with Army 'A' and Mulebar swapping the No 1 spot on every lap, it was exciting stuff at the team change-over pen, with the Mulebar and the Army supporters waiting in anticipation to see who came out on top at each lap. At times neck and neck, elbow to elbow.

With the later laps through the night seeming to be the most competative with riders coming back from a lap shattered, swapping positions throughout the laps, both teams just did not know who would or want to break first. But it was Mule bar who made the break on the pen-ultimate lap, coming in with a massive 6 mins lead!! The Army 'A' just could not claw back the time, So Mulebar pipped the 'A' Team to the podium No 1 spot.

Also the 'B' Team were slogging it out all night with Banjo Cycles, swapping places in the early stages but took control later on, not forgetting 'C' Team who were having thier own battle in the middle of the field.

Well done to the Team Captains: 'A' Team James Cooper, 'B' Team Brendan Kay and 'C' Team Jamie Baxter, overall all a great result for the Army with two Podiums places.

We would like to thank our generous sponsors, Generation Sports & Cylcles, Mulebar and For Goodness Shakes.


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