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 Hullo Out There?

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Hullo Out There? Empty
PostSubject: Hullo Out There?   Hullo Out There? EmptyFri Jul 10, 2009 7:08 am

Hullo Everyone!

Apologies for the massively informal way of getting in contact but following the article in the latest issue of Soldier Magazine I decided to finally take the plunge and advertise myself. As this is a public forum I'll try to be vague where possible for all the obvious reasons. name is David, I'm currently based in Edinburgh and am a registered coach with British Cycling. It's been some years since I did anything within the cycling world but I've spent the last couple of years 'seriously thinking about it' and messing around on a CX bike. I depart for Op. Herrick in September so I doubt I'll be able to do very much at all this season, however on my return I would be more than happy to train alone, with anyone else who wants to come along, or even run some proper training sessions for individuals or groups with a view to Time Trialling and Road Racing and perhaps also some mountain bike cross country just for s***s and giggles.

As-well as having the coaching qual. from BC, prior to joining up I worked in a series of bike shops and am an above average mechanic so am more than happy to be a spanner-monkey for anyone who's bike needs 'looking at'.

Finally...for the benefit of anyone who reads the Singletrackworld forums, I'm under the same sign-in-name over there.

Wishing you all all the very best and a great weekend's pedalling (cos the weather is FANTASTIC up here!)
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Hullo Out There?
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