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 General Info ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH 2011

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General Info ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH 2011 Empty
PostSubject: General Info ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH 2011   General Info ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH 2011 EmptySun Jan 11, 2009 2:00 pm

PORRIDGEPOT HILL this popular and diverse venue is back for the FOURTH year running. If you raced at the last "Are You Tough Enough" don't be fooled into thinking it will be the same, because it won't, as we love to change the course about to make it different each time to keep you on your toes and of course some completely new sections.

This is an open event, open to all of the SERVICES and CIVILIANS of all abilities including Singlespeeders. No license is required for racing. A fun race is available for those who wish just to chill out and enjoy the day, the view and dodge the gunfire..............

All entries must be received by the last TUESDAY before the Event and entries received after this will be charged a £3 late entry fee. Entry express will be availble for those riders who have pre-entered, with number collection on the day.

On The Day:
Entry on the day will be available at a surcharge of £3 per rider per race. Pre-Enter to save Delay!!


2 Hour Junior Male 14 - 17 £13

2 Hour Junior Female 14 - 17 £13

2 Hour Solo Male 18 - 39 £15

2 Hour Solo Male 40+ £15

2 Hour Solo Female 18+ £15

2 Hour Open Farmers bikes £15

4 Hour Solo Male 16 - 39 £18

4 Hour Solo Male 40+ £18

4 Hour Solo Female 18+ £18

4 Hour Open Farmers bikes £18

6 Hour Solo Female 18+ £20

6 Hour Solo Male 16-39 £20

6 Hour Solo Male 40+ £20

6 Hour Pair Male £35

6 Hour Pair Mixed £35

Fun Ride Mixed £10

Late Entry £3

New To Racing:
You are advised to enter the fun race and take your time and enjoy the views...

Race registration opens at 0830Hrs for the collection of numbers and registration on the day, you are advised to enter at least 1-2 hrs before race starts to allow for warm up and pre-ride.

The Course:
The course will be available to ride as soon as you have your race number and not before, if found riding without a authorised number you will be asked to leave, for insurance reasons. The course is around 8 Miles in length and will be clearly marked with white, red tape and marker arrows throughout, precise details on the day. Just follow the markers, Easy!

Race Times:
The 6 Hour Race will start at 1030Hrs, The 4 Hour Race will start at 1230Hrs , The 2 Hour Race will start at 1430Hrs and the Fun will start at 1530Hrs , with ALL Racing finished at 1630Hrs, so that all riders finish together and add to the atmosphere at the prize giving and give all a great chance to win a spot prize, you have to be there to win it! If you are racing and you cross the line with 1 minute to go for your relevant race length, you can go out and do another lap. If you cross the line on or after your relevant race length you cannot do another lap. Prize giving will follow ASAP.

Provisional results will be available on the day and a full listing of results will be available on TimeLaps by the time you get home, or on our website later.

Trophies, as well as goodies, will be awarded to the Top 3 placed riders in each Category, as well as Fantastic spot prizes throughout once again, such as.........

Nomads, Clothes, Accessories, etc,etc. Prize giving will be held at the end of racing, which will include the spot prizes, if you aint there no Prize, spot only.

On the day results, Commentary, Hot and Cold Refeshments, Trade stands, Photographer, Toilets, as well as ample Camping and Parking.

Army Medics are providing the medical cover all day, who are fully trained Paramedics, with Quad access throughout the course, as well as 4X4 access and an on site Medical Center. All riders must wear HARD SHELL HELMETS AT ALL TIMES. NO HAT, NO RIDE, SAFETY FIRST.

Need More Info:
Email organiser.

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General Info ARE YOU TOUGH ENOUGH 2011
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