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 Army Cycling Tops

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PostSubject: Army Cycling Tops   Mon Jul 13, 2009 10:56 am


My name is Ray Crossan and I am a Police Officer serving with Central Scotland Police and chose this profession on leaving the Army (REME) in 1997 having served in the HMF for 10 years.

As always, I take any opportunity to promote the Army as I thoroughly enjoyed my time in service and am so proud of the work carried out during my time and the even more stressing and dangerous work carried out by current soldiers.

I am a keen Cyclist and was wondering if there was a faciltity within the Army Cycling Union to purchase your team cycling jersey which i could purchase and wear with pride.

I hope no-one thinks this is a neglect of your website as it is not intended to be so.

In any case, thanks for any assistance that may be forthcoming and all the very best in you current and very difficult job.

Ray (
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mark sulley

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PostSubject: Re: Army Cycling Tops   Thu Jul 01, 2010 4:51 pm

ray i have asked this same question, i'm not sure if we are asking it on the wrong place, or if this group is a closed shop! let me know if you are lucky enough to find an outlet for one of these jerseys, or even if someone is polite enough to give you a reply
yours aye
the dissapointed sapper Sad
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Army Cycling Tops
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